Emily is the Senior Designer at The New Yorker. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from LSU and a MFA in Design from SVA in New York City.

Her clients include: Atlas Entertainment, GAP, James Blake, The Ringer, The Smithsonian, Soho House, Statefarm, WeWork and many more.


Smile, Anyway

Since 2020 was historically a hard year for people around the world, I thought making a machine to recycle emotions would be appropriate. The concept was to put the bad energy in and get “good” out. I approached this by figuring out how to make a candy machine accept wooden tokens, painting a 6x9 foot wooden panel (in my apartment hallway), and organizing an event in Washington Square Park. I created a short film to illustrate the event and how it worked.

client: self initiated
date : fall 2020
catatory : graphic design, art direction, painting

watch ︎ here