Emily is the Senior Designer at The New Yorker. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from LSU and a MFA in Design from SVA in New York City.

Her clients include: Atlas Entertainment, GAP, James Blake, The Ringer, The Smithsonian, Soho House, Statefarm, WeWork and many more.



Pepitos & Co.

Pepitos & Co is a Mexican cantina located in Shreveport, Louisiana. I painted three large wall murals for them and designed their infamous margarita to-go cup. Each mural is based on the theme of the restaurant, traditional old-school wrestlers from Mexico, with their colorful masks and loud outfits. This style is paired with motifs like tequila, beer, limes, and flowers to bring in the owners own Mexican heritage to the restaurant. The cup design was modeled after the bar mural (the blue mural with wrestler) because when someone orders a margarita from the bar they can look up and see the design system at work.

client: Pepitos & Co.
date : summer 2020
catatory : illustration, wall mural, design

Pepitos Social